Ergo Steel Long Reach

Novatek’s “Ergo” ergonomic designed Long Reach has a unique “S” shape designed to reduce back strain. A vast range of applications include the removal of vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, ice, roofing materials and much more with our chisel and scraper attachments. These tools are ideal for a variety of uses from construction and marine to general factory maintenance or flooring services. To help save on backaches, try utilizing our ergonomically designed Python Long Reach.

Features & Benefits

Curved steel configuration for added comfort
Vibration?reducing top handle standard
Nylon shoulder strap for operator comfort and reducing operator fatigue
Heavy-duty steel ball retainer
2200 Blows per minute of hitting power
All steel components offer durability and long life
Chisel ranging from 1, 2, and 4? for ceramic tile and thin-sets
4″, 8″ and 12″ extra sharp scraper blades for sheet goods and mastics
Easily converts to a long reach scraper or needle scaler in seconds
Efficient, using only 5 SCFM of compressed air
Runs off a portable compressor

Available accessories include Needle Scaling attachments, Scraper blades and a full range of standard 5/8″ hexagon shank chisels including spark resistant beryllium copper chisels for use in hazardous areas.

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Part # 40LRE600 - Ergo Steel Long Reach Scraper........................................................[ Corresponding # 156.6599 ]

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