NovaStrip 1026


The Novastrip 1026 VAT stripper utilizes Infrared radiant heat to safely heat tiles, thus breaking the adhesive bond. This process allows you to lift “INTACT” tiles in a dustless environment. In the past, wetting and hand scraping was the most common method of this tile removal. An ideal tool for asbestos tile removal.This process has proven to be labor intensive and generates a great deal of cleanup. Since water is not required with the Novastrip, the job is completed with an absolute minimum volume of waste. This asbestos tile removal machine also cuts labor costs by requiring only one operator. Simply place the machine over your tiles to be removed, set the timer and allow it to complete its cycle. Move the machine to the next set of tiles, then easily remove the previously heated tiles.

It’s That Simple!

Features & Benefits

1026 square inch footprint removes 6 – 12″x12″ tiles in one cycle
Ceramic coated heat panel provides long life and durability
Computerized control systems guarantee precise and dependable operation
100% solid state electronics. No mechanical relays or solenoids
Rapid heat up and cool down
Powder coated aluminum is durable and light-weight
Triple redundant safety features for operator safety
Integrated temperature indicator allows for monitoring of panel base
Operate on standard 220v, 50amp service eliminating external buck boosters
12v DC controls allow for safe, cool operation and long life
Case grounded for added safety

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Part # N1026 - Novastrip N1026 Infrared Tile Heater/Stripper

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