NovaStrip 378

The Novastrip 378 utilizes “Infrared Radiant Heat” at 110volts to safely heat tiles, thus breaking the adhesive bond. This allows you to lift “INTACT” tiles in a dustless environment. The Novastrip 378 features individual ceramic emitter strips that are fully replaceable. No need to replace the entire heat panel.

To use, simply plug the unit into any 20 amp, 110volt grounded outlet, place the machine over tiles to be removed, allow it to complete its heating cycle, then easily remove the tiles.


378 square inch footprint removes 2-12″x12″ in one cycle
Operates off of 110v – 20amp current
Identical controller to the N1026
Compact design allows easy access to tight spaces.
Heavy duty and light-weight aluminum construction

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Part # N378 - Novastrip N378 Infrared Tile Heater/Stripper

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