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5" & 7" Shrouded Air Grinders

5" & 7" Shrouded Air Grinders
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Novatek’s  5" &  7" Air Dust-Free Grinders are the choice for your toughest challenges. Grind steel or concrete with virtually no dust. Our powerful air motor and wide assortment of abrasives, allows us to fit a tool to meet your highest expectations.


• 5”  &  7” models available
• Choice of compressed air or electric power sources
• Powerful 1.2 hp compressed air drive motor
• Floating dust shrouds maintain vacuum seal
• Replaceable wear skirts
• Side handle included
• Utilizes a wide assortment of abrasives


• Multiple grinder sizes and discs for varied work
• Powerful drive units handle heavy loads and maintain production
• Floating shrouds conform to work surface for dustless operation
• Disposable wear skirts saves aluminum shroud from wear
• Comfort handles allow for operator comfort
• Standard 5/8” x 11’ arbor allows for the use of a wide range of abrasives

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