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Air & Electric Rotopeens

Air & Electric Rotopeens
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Novatek’s versatile, high production Air & Electric Roto-Peen / Hand-Held Scarifiers are ideal for removing coatings from both steel and concrete surfaces. Quick change hubs with an assortment of abrasives enable rapid removal of mastics, alkyds to epoxy coatings while containing hazardous or non-hazardous dust.
• Available in 2” or 4” models
• Lightweight but powerful 1.2 hp drive motor
• Powerful 1200 watt electric motor (110v & 220v Models)
• Offered with 3M Roto-Peen flaps or carbon steel cutters
• Rollers allow for use on curved surfaces
• Compact design for tighter access
• Works up to 1.5” from walls
• Quick change hubs and abrasives
• Designed for horizontal applications
• Integrated vacuum shroud
• Dust-free when used with compatible vacuum system
• Converts from flap hub to cutter hub in minutes, (excluding 4” elec. models)

• Available in kit form

• 2” model is lighter and ideal vertically and overhead use
• 4” model is best for horizontal surfaces
• High production rates on flat surfaces
• Works on curved surfaces and piping
• Standard 1.5” vacuum port allows for dustless operation
• Accepts other abrasives for coatings or materials removal off concrete or steel
• Meets OSHA & EPA standards when matched with our HEPA vacuums
• Imitates shot blast finish when equipped w/RotoPeen Flaps
• High production on decks and flooring
• Perfect for heavy coating removal

2" & 4"
Air Rotopeens
2" & 4"
Electric Rotopeens

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