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Single VSE Scaling Hammers

Single VSE Scaling Hammers
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Novatek’s Shrouded Single Head Scaling Hammers, in several distinct versions, are ideal tools to complement our shrouded needle scalers in more demanding applications for surface preparation and coatings removal where dust containment is required.

Shrouded Heavy duty Scaling Hammers, have proven to be the choice for “fracturing” thicker, tough to remove materials from concrete or steel. Shrouded Scaling Hammers are fitted with Tungsten Carbide tipped cruciform heads but can be fitted with Tungsten Carbide tipped bush hammer heads as an option.
Scaling Hammers use Tungsten Carbide single piece piston-head combinations for the preparation of steel or concrete surfaces.
Features benefits

• Hard hitting / fractures coatings
• 2500 blows per minute per piston
• Tungsten Carbide Bush Hammer or Cruciform heads
• Nylon brush seals clean pistons on every stroke
• Screw top cap for simple head and piston replacement
• Single pieces piston and tip assures durability
• Brush seal technology to extend piston life 

Cruciform Head

• Rapid take down of concrete
• C
oatings removal from steel or concrete
• N
on skid and Epoxy
Pack rust and laminar rust removal
Bush Hammer head

Texturing concrete
Aggregate exposure for bonding over layments
Aggregate exposure for bonding over layments
• R
emove loose materials for concrete crack and joint repair

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