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19PG & 28PG VSE Needle Scalers

19PG & 28PG VSE Needle Scalers
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Novatek's vacuum shrouded "VSE" needle scalers provide a thorough effective method of removing coatings, corrosion and other accumulated materials. Our VSE scalers are a must have for any Dust-Free project due to their ability to work on irregular surfaces and access difficult to reach areas.


Flexible, interchangeable nose pieces for flat surfaces, corners, and angles.
• 3mm chisel tip needles standard
Fully adjustable front vacumm take-off
Standard 1.5” vacuum take-off
• Steel components offer durability and long-life
• 2mm Flat & 3mm Flat or chisel Tip Needles

• Specialy designed for abatement and remediation work
• Light-weight for extended run times
• Adjusts for irregular surfaces, corners, angles, rivet heads, edges, piping and difficult areas
• Comfortable rubber pistol grip for operator comfort
• Low air consumption allows for use on small, portable compressors

19SVSE120 -Needle Scalers
• Equipped with 19pcs -3mm x 7" chisel tip needles
• 3000 blows per minute
• 2mm Optional Needle Holders available
• Lighter in weight for longer run times

28SVSE120 -Needle Scalers

• Equipped with 28pcs -3mm x 7" chisel tip needles
• 2200 blows per minute
• 2mm Optional Needle Holders available
• More power for faster production times

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Product ID : 2002

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