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NFP-8 Floor Scarifiers & Planers

NFP-8 Floor Scarifier – Planer
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The NFP-8 floor scarifier / floor planer delivers a combination of innovative technology and performance tested features, all in a rugged rotary planer. The modern integral design of the NFP-8 provides an easier to maneuver during profiling and yeilds higher work rate. A suitable floor scarifier for rapidly removing scale, rust, paint and other deposits from steel surfaces in preparation for re-coating.

• Concrete and steel coatings removal
• Concrete removal and leveling
• Traffic line removal
• Concrete removal for non-skid surfaces
• Rust and scale removal

Features & Benefits
• 8”( 200 mm ) cutting path
• Equipped with heavy duty tungsten carbide cutters
• Accurate locking depth control
• Compact design works easily in tight spaces
• Fully adjustable handle
• Available in 6 different power configurations including Air, Electric Gasoline
• Delivered turnkey, loaded drum with tungsten carbide cutters

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