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NFS-11 Floor Scabbler

NFS-11 Floor Scabbler
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The NFS-11 & Shrouded NFS-11 Floor Scabblers was designed in association with construction engineers for thick coatings removal, containing and surface preparation of concrete. The NFS-11 minimizes damage to the substrate. This prevents the ingress of water which can freeze and cause cracking. The NFS-11 floor scabbler is even capable of concrete removal of up to 1/4" in one pass, making it ideal for removing radioactive or PCB contaminated concrete. Optional cruciform heads are available for material reduction with a smoother finish.


• Our most aggressive floor scabbler. Heavy duty scabbling for quick take down of coatings and concrete. Perfect for Haz mat removal when equipped with our dust collection shroud

Features & Benefits

• Tungsten carbide heads for aggressive removal and long life
• Fractures heavy coatings without damaging the substrate
• 24,200 combined blows per minute ( 2200 blows per head )
• Heavy duty tungsten carbide bush or cruciform hammer heads provide long life ( Supplied w/ bush heads)
• 150 lb full steel body
• Vibration dampening technology
• Collapsible handle for easy transport
• Available dust shrouds for work in hazardous e
nvironments, including radiological decontamination ( Model # PFS11 )

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