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FlexShaft Deck Scaler

FlexShaft Deck Scaler
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The FlexShaft Scalers versatility and flexibility rapidly removes scale, rust, paint, and other unwanted deposits or build-ups while leaving the surface ready for priming, painting, or coating applications.

• Remove paint, rust, scale and other unwanted deposits in difficult to access areas
• Perfect for prepping under piping, decks, wheelhouses, and areas that were previously inaccessible

Features & Benefits
• Flexible shaft drive with remote power source allows for versatility and access
• Multiple cutting, flailing and brushes available for a wide variety of removal and finishing
• Drive motors available in electric or compressed air models
• Compact design works easily in high spaces
• Lighter weight than comparable machines
• Comfort handle with guard
• Comes complete with 10” flex shaft heavy-duty chipping leaf head, 6” cutter scaling head, 6” wire brush, and guard and wrenches

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