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Vibration Reduced Needle Scalers: VRS
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Vibration Reduced Needle Scalers (VRS) have all the impact and functionality of our standard range with dramatically reduced vibration levels. These vibration reduced models significantly decrease the posibility of vibration related injuries. All the power with less vibration.

Features & Benefits

• Compact & Powerful vibration reduced scalers
• Inline & Pistol Grip configurations allow access of tight and irregular areas
• Equipped with 3mm x 7" chisel tip needles (Needle Scalers)
• Heavy duty 1/2” square chisel holder (Chisel Scalers)
• Equipped with 3/4” chisel (Chisel Scalers)
• 2400-3000 blows per minute gives maximum performance
• Steel components offer durability and long-life
• Low air consumption allows for use on small, portable compressors
• Converts to needle or chisel scaler in seconds
• Dramatic decrease in vibration
• Operator safety and comfort
• Dust collection shrouds available

19 Inline VRS
Needle & Chisel Scalers
Needle & Chisel Scalers
Needle & Chisel Scalers

Available accessories include chisel scaling attachments, a full range of standard 1/2" square chisels including spark resistant beryllium copper chisels for use in hazardous areas.

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